Window Tinting Gold Coast and Sydney

Car, Home & Office Tinting, Strip and Re-tinting Services.

Australian Window Tinting – Car, Home and Office Tinting Services

Whether you live in the bustling city of Sydney or the relaxing Gold Coast, beautiful sunny weather is something we all cherish about living in Australia…but it’s not so great when your driving or trying to relax at home after a long day! If you are sick of melting in the car and having to deal with the noise of your air conditioner constantly blasting, tinting you car, home or office windows is the answer!

Window Tinting Film reduces up to 81% of heat and 92% of harmful ultra violet rays from entering your home and car.

Your furnishings, woodwork and carpets will have up to 82% protection from fading sun damage and you will notice a pleasant surprise in your power consumption – up to 30% less with the installation of solar film.

Not just new tint but we can save you from viewing the world through bubbles too!

You don’t have to suffer staring through your old bubbling and peeling window tint on your car…having bubbling tint is as useful as no tint at all. Chat to us today to find out about our affordable solutions for tinting your car, office or home or to get a quote on stripping that annoying old tint off and getting a fresh re-tint so you can live cooler.